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Making Great Strides

Improving the quality of life for thousands of single parents and their children throughout Benton County.

SPSFBC, A Program with a History of Results

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Holistic Assistance For Recipients

Providing funds for rent and utilities, childcare, transportation, medical expenses, and textbooks and fees (as needed).

Marjorie Marugg-Wolfe Sustainability Campaign

Latest News

Perseverance Required

Perseverance Required

Recently our SPSFBC Counselor was featured in the Brown Bulletin, a John Brown University newsletter. In the Brown Bulletin Twyla shares her story about her educational journey in the midst of extra ordinary life challenges.   Click below to read Twyla's story.

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Cobblestone Farms Partnership

Cobblestone Farms Partnership

SPSFBC is proud to partner with such a community minded organization as Cobblestone Farms! They have been providing our recipients and their children with fresh from the farm produce for several years now at no cost to them. The Cobblestone Project is a local...

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Helping single parents attain self-sufficiency through post-secondary education

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