Shortly after the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Benton County began in 1984, the organizing committee wished to assure the continuance of the program. The committee visualized people remembering loved ones through memorials, leaving a lasting tribute to their interest in education and the betterment of their fellow man. 
Memorial donations of $500 or more are recognized at an annual SPSFBC event and donations of $10,000 or more are recognized in perpetuity.


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                                              2019 – 2020 Memorials


Raymond “Skip” Koch

Max McGaugh 

Dolores White 

Memorials Recognized Annually 

Leonard S. Brown & Mary Nell Brown

James R. Eaton & Eloise Dunn Eaton

James Roy “Jim” Eaton

Bill Fleeman

H.L. (Homer) Fleeman, Sr.

Leroy Fleeman

Lillian Barnhart Fleeman

Heather Renee Ridley-Fleeman

Neil H. Leavens

Francis Wilson

Pauline Williams Brust Wilson

Memorials Recognized In Perpetuity 

Charlotte Allen

Constance Campbell

Jack Lebert & Anne Lebert

Marjorie F. Marugg-Wolfe, Ed.D.

William A. Melching & Elizabeth Jean Melching

Virginia Mocivnik

Pat Reid

Martha Robertson Rose

Donald G. Soderquist & Jo Soderquist

Neil O. Spain & Clara J. Spain

John E. Tate & Evie Tate

Helen Walton