Recently SPSFBC received a very generous donation of a car to give to a recipient in need. CJ’s request for the car and her story of struggles and strength touched our hearts so much we wanted to share it. Below is CJ’s Story…..

“When I received the email about a car donation, I almost burst into excitement knowing that I could possibly own my own vehicle. I am a full-time mother, student and athlete at John Brown University. I live 45 minutes away from campus with my young daughter and my parents; however, these arrangements have been very difficult because I don’t have a vehicle. It has been a little over a year now that I have been enrolled at John Brown and each semester seems to get a little harder having to rely on others for transportation. Every morning, I get up at 4:30am, give my daughter to my parents, then proceed to head to campus to get to practice at 6:00am. Most of the time, I am dropped off my family members but other times I rely on teammates, coaches and even in more difficult times, I will get an uber. From there, in all weather conditions and with a few bags to carry; I walk from the track to the University (which is about 2 miles) to get a weight practice in before my classes start. After all my classes, I then walk back to the track for my event practice then proceed to find a way back home which either results in me waiting for an extension amount of time to be picked up or an excessive amount of money to give for gas. I have even taken out a loan to ensure I will have enough gas money to give when others are going out of their way to make sure I get on campus and home back to my daughter when needed. Besides my difficult journey to get to campus, when I am with my daughter and need to get her to a doctor’s appointment or even items from Walmart, I either push her in her stroller to the nearest store or carpool her to her doctor’s appointment, that’s if my brother is not around to do so. It is clear to see how expensive this can get for me and how stressful it is to rely on others for transportation. I have been trying for years to save up enough money to buy some type of transportation but being a full time, mom, student and athlete, it is very difficult to even maintain any type pf savings. A vehicle of my own will be an answered prayer. I have never had a vehicle of my own and can only imagine what it would be to have that peace of mind knowing I do. Such a blessing will save me money, but most importantly it will allow me to have something reliable to have the peace of knowing my daughter and I can get to the places we need to be to ensure us a better future. By far, I am beyond grateful to be in the situation I am in because it has made me stronger in a variety of ways, I am still able to do what I love while maintaining a sense of peace knowing I am doing it all to ensure my daughter has a better future and to ensure my daughter will never have to do what I have to. A car of my own is more than a blessing to my daughter and I, it would be an answered prayer that I have prayed for years to give my daughter and I a fairer chance at life.”

CJ was gifted the car on March 9th. She and her daughter were overjoyed and so grateful to the SPSFBC organization and our donors.