SPSFBC is proud to partner with such a community minded organization as Cobblestone Farms! They have been providing our recipients and their children with fresh from the farm produce for several years now at no cost to them. The Cobblestone Project is a local non-profit passionately committed to hunger relief by donating over half of their production to local food agencies in NWA. Their mission is to grow fresh food locally so they can support and teach the community the role fresh food has on health, wellness and a sustainable future. Our single parents and their children come once a month to pick up their donation boxes of produce.

“Thank you for the amazing blessing you have given me and my children.
It means more than words can say how grateful we are.
My child struggles with weight issues and it has been nice to have fresh veggies to eat.”

                                                                                                                                                                                     -Krystle B. Current SPSFBC Recipient