Constance Campbell (1924-2002)

Connie Campbell worked her way through the University of Nebraska. Her first job was teaching grades 1 through 8 in a rural one-room schoolhouse for a year. In 1948 she married Charles Campbell, who worked for the Army Corps of Engineers. When he was assigned to a job in Alaska, Connie and a friend drove the Richardson highway to Alaska pulling a travel trailer. Charles’ job assignment was to a road camp–there was no housing or anything else. “Adventuresome” would best describe Connie’s life. Connie and Charles retired in Rogers in 1984 and Charles died in 1992. While they had no children, Connie was always interested in helping young people gain an education. Connie’s legacy gift will enable future generations of single parents to achieve their dream of earning a college degree or technical school diploma. Through education they gain the skills they need to become financially self-sufficient.


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