For over 35 years, Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Benton County has been providing scholarships and other assistance to Benton County single parents as a way to change their lives and the lives of their children through education, which has a positive impact on the entire community. Without an education, many single parents will continue to depend upon food stamps, HUD housing, Medicaid and other government assistance even while they are working. Our programs and services are designed to remove barriers faced by single parents who are juggling multiple roles. In addition to scholarships we provide: academic and career guidance, personal counseling, life skills workshops, job coaching, resume writing and interviewing tips, gasoline assistance, a non-food pantry, and community referrals in hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty and to enhance their success.

The need for our program continues to grow and we want to increase the number of scholarships and scholarship amounts awarded to each student. We are actively recruiting and hope to be able to serve more students each year. Based on these needs, we would like to share with you sponsorship opportunities for our 2016 events.

Because of You, we are not just giving scholarships; we are making a generational impact for families and the community.

100% of your gift will help underwrite scholarships, career counseling and provide support services for our students.

What are the key benefits of sponsoring an event?

In addition to all the coverage that can be achieved around an event, there are also other benefits to consider including:

  • Shaping consumer attitudes. Often organizations are looking to improve how they are perceived by their target demographic. By sponsoring an event, organizations can potentially influence the buying attitudes of the guests and increase sales.
  • Networking opportunity. Not only do sponsors have the opportunity to build awareness of their brand through effective event sponsorship but the events also provide a great networking occasion for businesses.
  • Creating positive publicity. Most events (depending on the size) achieve a lot of publicity, which is beneficial for sponsors as they too are mentioned in press releases and editorials. They may also appear in photos/images used for post event coverage.
  • Heightening visibility. Through all of the publicity; pre and post event, as well as displays of logos and specific involvement during the event, a sponsors brand will not be forgotten.
  • Sales. The overall purpose of sponsoring any event is to increase business and drive sales of sponsor’s products and/or services all the while supporting a wonderful cause.

  • $10,000 can provide scholarship funding and support for 5 full-time students
  • $5,000 can provide scholarship funding and support for 2 full-time students
  • $2,500 can provide scholarship funding and support for 1 full-time and 1 part-time student
  • $1,500 can provide scholarship funding and support for 1 3/4s-time student
  • $750 can provide partial scholarship funding and support for 1 part-time student

If you have any questions or would like more information on other ways to support SPSFBC please give us a call at (479)254-8550 or email


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