James R. Eaton (1927-2007) & Eloise Dunn Eaton (1926-2016)

James and Eloise spent most of their lives in Warren County, TN. They were the parents of James Jr. (Jim who predeceased them), Joe, Jeff, Jack who is the current Executive Director of SPSFBC and Jane Ann. James and Eloise came from large, hardworking families who taught them the value of hard work and helping others. They passed that on to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. James and Eloise lived their teenage years in Viola, TN where their families had farms near each other. James only finished the sixth grade as he had to work to help support his family. At age seventeen he joined the US Navy, serving in World War II. Eloise graduated high school and was recruited to go to work in Oak Ridge, TN where she was part of the top secret group that built the atom bomb. After the war, James and Eloise returned to Viola and married. They were married 61 years when James passed away. Throughout their lives they were generous and loving to their family, friends and community with their time, talents and possessions. They instilled in their children the importance of helping others and caring for those less fortunate. While neither James nor Eloise had formal education, they encouraged their children and grandchildren to pursue education, work hard and always help others. James and Eloise were inspirations to their family and friends.


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