Over the years SPSF/BC has had many talented recipients. From singers to artists to fashion designers, we’ve had them all.

Meet one of our current recipients, Brooke Boller. Brooke is a 25 year old mother to Ja’Dyxx, a handsome 2 1/2 year old boy. We sat down

with Brooke to talk about her special talent…singing! She is ready to make her mark on the world with an exciting trip to Chicago this weekend to audition for THE VOICE! (If you are unfamiliar with this television show, learn more about it HERE.)

Brooke Boller

Brooke Boller

What school are you attending and what is your major?
I am attending NorthWest Arkansas Community College, seeking my Associate of Science with a Technical Certificate in Dental Assistant.

When did you start the SPSF/BC Program?
I received my first scholarship in the Spring 2013 semester.

When is your anticipated graduation date?
May 2015

When do you audition for The Voice?
My audition is in Chicago, IL at 7:00 am on February 22, 2015.

Of all the singing and talent shows on television, why was The Voice your choice to audition for?
I chose The Voice because after researching it, I realized that The Voice is one of the hardest shows to get on and if I am going to take the time to audition I wanted it to be with the best and if I got on the show I wanted to be sure the reason to be for my voice and nothing else. Last year in Dallas they had over 4,600 people audition and only 3 were asked to continue.

How long have you been singing and why did you get into it?
I have been singing my entire life. I used to sing myself to sleep when I was younger to the point that my older sister complained even though when I stopped she begged me to continue. I really fell in love with my voice in church. People in my teen group were so supportive that I then started competing with my school choir. My Freshman year I competed as a solo artist for State and sat 22nd in the state of Arkansas. I was also in the top choir when I attended Bentonville High School in 10th and 11th grade. Also, my choir held 3rd in the state for the two years I was there. Singing has helped me get through a lot of tough times in my life.

What would you like to see your talent accomplish in your life?
I am auditioning not for fame but just to say I had the courage to do it and I will never regret that. I want to live as an example for my son and my main goal in life is to never live with regret. My talent is an accomplishment in my life every day. I sing every day to my son, my nieces and my nephews and I see them light up with joy and excitement. Just by making the step to go to Chicago I have brought hope to my family and a change in those around me to chase what they want and that is an accomplishment in and of itself.

On top of her talents, Brooke is an exemplary student, maintaining 3.7 GPA at NWACC. We are so proud of Brooke and wish her the best of luck this weekend! Give her some encouragement and wish her luck in the comments below!