Meet Keri Owens, a 27 year old mother of Anton (9) and Nia (8). Keri joined the SPSFBC family in the fall of 2009. She is currently pursuing her B.S. in Organizational Management at John Brown University and has just started a new job with the Walton Family Foundation.

Keri Owens and her 2 kids.

Keri Owens and her 2 kids.

We sat down with Keri and asked her to tell us more about her life and journey to finding SPSFBC.

How did you hear about SPSFBC?
I learned about SPSFBC from Career Pathways at NorthWest Arkansas Community College.

How did you choose your major?
I knew having an Associate Degree in General Business wasn’t going to be enough. I knew I wanted to do more to reach my goals and pursue higher education for my family.

Why do you value education?
It has opened so many doors to more opportunities. It definitely makes an impression. Education has completely changed my life, views and attitudes.

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?
My greatest accomplishment so far has been learning that I will be graduating DEBT FREE!

How will life be different for you and your family after you graduate?
Life will be dramatically different. My education has already taken me off of the factory floor. After graduation, my new job is already talking about a promotion.

What has been one of your favorite parenting moments?
Seeing my children grow and taking the values I’ve taught them along with them and seeing how sweet they are.

Aside from the scholarship, what has been most helpful since you started the SPSFBC program?
Everyone is just so helpful! Specifically, Nancy, the counselor has been awesome!

One thing I’d like to check off my “bucket list” is…
Getting an adequate amount of sleep every night!! Just kidding! There are three things; getting my Ph.D., taking a trip outside of the country and getting a signed modeling contract with a corporation.

Name something you do not leave home without.
My PHONE! It has everything in it; all 5 or 6 email accounts and my calendar.

What would you like to say to SPSFBC supporters and/or a potential recipient deciding if they should apply?
Be like Nike, JUST DO IT! This is such an amazing organization and they do so much good. They have changed my life. If you have any reservations watch THIS video that avad3 put together for them. Bring the tissues!