Good Morning Everyone,

The staff and I have spent lots of time this week continually assessing and strategizing on a daily basis how to best serve our single parent families. You and your children’s health, the health of our staff, their families and our volunteers have been and will continue to be our top priority. Yesterday we learned that three of our partner schools, the University of Arkansas, John Brown University and NorthWest Arkansas Community College, have suspended all in-person classes. As I shared earlier this week, SPSFBC will follow the lead of our local educational institutions in an attempt to minimize the spread of this horrible virus. Effectively immediately, the SPSFBC office is temporarily closed until we are advised by our health officials that having in person meetings is wise.

We ask that you please be sure to minimize unnecessary gatherings of groups of people when at all possible in an attempt to minimize all of our risks. We understand that this decision will create challenges for everyone and we will help in every way possible to minimize those challenges. The coming days will require a great deal of flexibility and understanding as well. Please stay positive and remain supportive, respectful and empathetic to one another as we work through this together. We will continue to be here for each of you but just in different ways.

We continue to watch this ever-changing situation day and night and will err on the side of caution. These are difficult times for all of us but we have a plan that is attached and will continue to communicate with you every step of the way as plans possibly change.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Jack Eaton


Like all of us, you are probably monitoring the latest coronavirus developments with concern. While there has not yet been a confirmed case of COVID-19 in NWA, several positive cases are now being reported in other parts of Arkansas.  Just like we do for inclement weather, we take the lead from our local schools and universities to ensure our families are safe.  We are already receiving lots of questions and want everyone to know that we are taking coronavirus very seriously and making plans in the event it spreads to our region.

  • All in-person meetings with SPSFBC Staff are being suspended until further notice. All employees will use technology such as Skype, FaceTime, cellphones and other virtual alternatives during traditional office hours of Monday through Thursday from 8:30am-4:30pm unless they are on Paid Time Off. Please email any of the staff below with any question you may have and they will answer your question by email, schedule a telephone conference or a virtual meeting during normal business hours. This includes meetings with students, donors, volunteers, etc. If your email returns from any staff saying they are out of the office on Paid Time Off, please email another staff to see if they can help you.


  • We are canceling and/or rescheduling all events and meetings until further notice.
  • Considering all the unknowns and how long this possible threat lasts, we plan to be flexible, when possible, with student deadlines.
  • The Governor of Arkansas is encouraging individuals to consider not traveling out of the state and we are encouraging that as well. Obviously, that is an individual decision.
  • Until further notice, recipients must submit all forms electronically or use the locked drop box. Vendor Payments still require a minimal of two weeks’ notice and that is more critical now than ever as processing and authorization will have limitations.
  • All bills will be paid electronically and picking up a printed check will not be possible.
  • Currently, we are not receiving in-kind donations.
  • We ask all recipients to please stay home if anyone in your family is sick or has a fever.