Criteria for the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Benton County Program:

  • Single Parent Definition:

Marital status:

You’re single (never married, widowed, divorced, legally separated*), or

You’re married but living apart and your divorce will be final by the time the scholarship is awarded*

Parenting status:

You’re the custodial parent or guardian with joint custody of at least one dependent child. A dependent child is:

18 or younger, or older than 18 and still in high school, or a severely disabled adult living with and dependent on you

Living status:

You’re the only adult in the home with the child(ren), or

You live with parents or relative(s), or

You live with a roommate who is not your partner (significant other) or a co-parent*

*You will be asked to explain your circumstances and may be asked for additional documentation.

  • A resident of Benton County.
  • A legal resident of the U.S. or resident with DACA status.
  • The primary custodial caregiver of at least one child who is under 18 or still in high school, or a severely disabled adult who is a dependent of the single parent. 
  • Has completed a high school degree or GED and has not completed a bachelor’s degree.
  • Has low to moderate income, typically not more that 250% of federal poverty guidelines.
  • Pursuing a program of study that leads to employment that allows the family to move into economic self- sufficiency (out of poverty).
  • Applicant has and maintains a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least a 2.0.
  • FASFA Applicant
  • Attends or plans to attend an approved post- secondary school.
    • Crowder College
    • Harding University
    • John Brown University
    • Missouri Southern State University
    • NWACC
    • Northwest Technical Institute
    • University of Arkansas
      • All other schools will be considered on a case by case basis.

All applicants are evaluated on a case-by-case basis according to the qualifications


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