SPSFBC receives numerous donations throughout the year to support our recipients but it is during the holiday season that we see endless selflessness and generosity. This comes at a time when our recipients are at the pinnacle of stress in their fall semester. Papers, finals and even graduation are at the forefront of the student’s minds during the fall and winter season. The encouragement, donations and extra assistance they receive during this time is priceless.


Thanksgiving Baskets

The Holiday Season of Giving for Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Benton County started out with Thanksgiving Baskets. A group of women from the United Lutheran Church of Bella Vista have been supporting our single parents over the last several years by meeting them at a local grocery store and shopping with them for all the food that they need to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for their family. This is a chance for the donor to have one on one time with a recipient and get to know a little about them and provide support to them. It is such a blessing to have the ladies of the United Lutheran Church of Bella Vista support our organization in this manner.


Giving Tree

Giving Tree is an annual event that SPSFBC provides to our recipients and their children as a way to deliver Christmas. Our donors love to help with this event! It is a great way for parents to teach their children about giving, a wonderful team building event and a way for local civic organizations to share the experience of coming together to help provide for those in need in their community. With so many recipients in need, organizing the Giving Tree is a large task. It takes the whole staff working together as well as our some amazing elves to keep our Santa Workshop running smoothly. So many Christmas mornings were made special not just because of gifts that were opened that day but because of the support and love that was behind every donation given. Our single parents know they have a whole community supporting them every step of the way.


Christmas Bikes

This year we received 18 adult, teenage and youth-sized bikes for Christmas to be given to our recipients and their children who were in need. The donor buys and builds all the bikes himself over the course of the year. This area has numerous biking trails, and this is a great way for families of all ages to bond together. “To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care.”- Bike Donor


Christmas Baskets

The Produce and Floral department at Walmart Inc. made a donation of Christmas baskets that was gifted to 16 of our single parent scholarship recipients. This was made possible by one of your alumni that works in the produce and floral department. She encouraged her team to get involved and support the SPSFBC organization. Some of the biggest supporters of our organization are our alumni. They have been there before and know the struggles that our single parents face every day. The Alumni motto is Learn. Earn. Return. We are so proud of all our graduates and all they have accomplished and to see them giving back to the organization that once gave to them is instrumental to our program.


Laptop Donations

A family reached out to us early in December with a dollar amount that they had in mind to donate but wanted it to go towards a need that our students might have. We requested that we use the money to purchase laptops for our recipients that were in need. Our single parents were asked to send us a letter explaining to us why they would like to be selected to receive a new laptop. I’m so happy to say that we were able to provide a laptop to every student that requested one!