The Marjorie Marugg-Wolfe Sutainability Campaign endeavors to raise $3 million in long-term investments to provide ongoing funding for annual scholarships and student programs, as well as maintain and operate a quality facility for the next 35+ years.

With the rising cost of living and increased tuition, single parents face an extremely difficult challenge in achieving their educational goals, becoming self-sufficient and moving out of poverty. Through this campaign, SPSFBC will have the resources to help single parents overcome those challenges.

The Campaign kicked off publicly on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, having reached $2.5 million in early support from generous donors including The Soderquist Family and Denton & Cathy Cole Seilhan.  “The generosity of our community is unmatched; we are so grateful for the individual donors, organizations and foundations that help our families succeed,” added Jack Eaton, Executive Director.  “We are blessed by the early momentum and look forward to this community helping us reach our goal.”

To learn more about this campaign, contact Frankie Rankin,